Jacobean Way Miñoto Ribeiro

Stage 9: A Gándara - Santiago de Compostela

A Gándara - Santiago de Compostela


Length: 9,10 Km.
Difficulty: Low
Estimated time: 1 h. 58 min.
Download route: (Kml) Click here.
This is the last stage of the Camino, reaching the finish line. A way full of expectations, from Adrei, O Piñeiro to Santiago, where we will enter through Mazarelos entrance - the one used for Ribeiro wine arriving to the Galician capital.

Section 1: A Gándara - O Piñeiro

  • Length: 4,60 Km.
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Estimated time: 59 min.
The route continues along an asphalt road, which arrives at Adrei. We follow the trail to get to O Piñeiro.

Section 2: O Piñeiro - Santiago de Compostela

  • Length: 4,50 Km.
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Estimated time: 58 min.
Leaving behind O Piñeiro we go straight ahead towards Santiago de Compostela. On the way we will pass under the highway and cross Angrois bridge. We continue our hike along the royal track, cross a main road, and continue along Sar street for 1.4 km. Then we will cross another main road to reach Mazarelos entrance (the one used for receiving wine from the Ribeiro region). We go past the Mazarelos square, and then Plaza de la Universidade (University square). 100 metres later we need to turn left, into Fonte Sequelo street and then into Xelmírez street to the bottom, where we turn right and arrive at Praza do Obradoiro.



Rúa Otero Novas, 1
32200 Cortegada (Ourense) - Galicia


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